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Ragus Lake Estates is a subdivision composed of 228 single family homes located in Sugar Land, TX.  We enjoy a low tax rate of approximately 2% and low neighborhood association fees of only $66 per year (due January 1!).  We are located near a city library, city park (including a pool, skate park, baseball fields, tennis courts, and play equipment), walking trails, and shopping center.       

Within this site, we provide community and contact information to our neighborhood. We welcome your feedback and input about the site, as well as suggestions to improve our community!
Contact Information
Austin Properties, 713.776.1771

HOA Board, ragus (at) raguslake (dot) org
Helpful Numbers
Non-Emergency Line to the Sugar Land Police

Helpful Links
City of Sugar Land

Homes for Sale

Homes for Lease

Water Payments

Start/Stop Water Service

Centerpoint Gas

Power to Choose (Electric Companies)

Voluntary irrigation days are Tuesday and Saturdays
Water only when soil is dry. Water between 7 PM and 10 AM. Cycle and soak-- water 5 minutes, wait an hour, water 5 minutes, repeat until soil is moist.

Trash Information
Monday - Trash, Recycling, and Green Waste
Thursday - Trash
First Monday of month - Bulk Waste
On Request - e-waste & hazardous waste - contact Republic Services (713-726-7307/sugarland@republicservices.com). Call for trash can repairs (no charge).

Even though you love your new rolling trash cans, they are not to be stored where they are visible from the street.  Avoid a letter by storing them out of sight!

Of note:

  • 1 Jan 2016 Annual $72 HOA fee was due.  Mail to Austin Properties.
  • Picking up leaves from your gutters and putting them in a bin for disposal will help us keep our new storm drains clear. Never put lawn waste down your storm drain.

Neighborhood Garage Sale
Held biannually.  You are welcome to have a garage sale on April 16, 2016.

Board Meetings
Regular monthly meetings are *usually* held on the last Wednesday of each month except December at 14123 Kathi Lynn Ln. at 7 PM.  The first part of the meeting is open to all.  I recommend you contact Austin Properties to confirm the date if you plan to attend.

The 2016 Annual Meeting will be Wednesday, May 25, at 7 PM at MASC Austin Properties, 945 Eldridge Road, Sugar Land. 

National Night Out
Held annually.  Next event: October 4, 2016.

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